Whether you are good or not, everyone should dance…

I have never seen someone unhappy when they are dancing, I’m currently listening to some Alice Russell in my bed and getting real funky (I’m not crazy I swear). Whenever I am in a bad mood, a good funky tune can put a smile on my face real quick. I want to see more people dancing and smiling, so here you go.


My EP “Ramblings” is almost done

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Seriously though, It is almost done! There are just 2 tracks left to be mixed and mastered and then boom it will be out. Also, my poetry book “From Thoughts to Poetry” is almost done as well unless I decide I hate it (which is possible). I’m really hoping that this is the start of something good but regardless publishing a book on any scale is very very huge for me.

soooooo here is that single that I posted a bit ago. You know just in case you didn’t hear it! I would definitely appreciate any sharing, downloading or any demanding that your friends hear it and do the same. heh :)

and here it is on Bandcamp as well


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Sharing is Caring

Some of you may be aware but I’ve started another blog called The United Connection. Basically it is where I reblog any blog posts that I like and want to share. The posts go to the facebook page where I share different projects people are into (music, poetry, art, etc) The page is also there so that other people can post things up on it as well. It’s really just getting going but I really would like to build both pages up to help those trying to achieve their goals in life..  So if you are down with that then go ahead and follow the blog and like the facebook page!



No Rest for the Wicked

In today’s world, to get anywhere you need to work your ass off. If you are like me and never had much growing up, that journey is much harder. Currently I am trying to pick up a second job just to afford my bills and food. I’m pretty desperate for this writing thing to do something so I’ve picked up the effort and time I devote to it. It looks like sleep will be once again on the bench and that’s ok. If it gets me closer to my dream then it’s worth it. Every day I wish that someone would drop me like a million bucks so that I don’t have to worry so much but we all know the odds of that basically don’t exist.

I don’t regret not going to college because I still don’t know what I would go for and being 80 grand in debt for something I don’t like doesn’t really sound all that good to me, I have enough debt already without that shit. You just have to keep kicking at the door that leads to your dreams until that shit blows off the hinges. That is the only way to get anywhere in this world honestly. I find that being a real artist in this world is a long harsh journey of being broke and keeping yourself motivated. So I applaud all of you guys who have kept on the path because it is so easy to say “fuck this shit” and just be a part of the everyday system.

Hard work does pay off, don’t ever forget that…

- Sampson

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