The Will of My Fire

I have the right to dream.
You can not steal my freedom,
My right to choice.
You shall not restrain my will
You will not mute my voice.

I was born with pride and fury, I will not fail. To this day, I have overcome every obstacle in my way I have lost many things and many people I love, but still I stand. I am simple in my dream, in my standards of living and in my happiness. The true complexity comes in my mind and in my pride. I am a warrior of the most honorable kind. I have the strength of a thousand men and I will not break. My path has stayed the same through everything.

So many quit premature, ending everything because they are scared or forget what that path looks like. The trap is always there but we can not fall in it. We must continue being who we love to be and travel along that path we had laid down for ourselves. The fire I hold in my chest has burned strong since I was born. I would be dead before my life even began if it didn’t.


– Paul H. Sampson Jr.


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Just Observing

One of my favorite things to do is to analyze people. I’m always trying to figure out what is going on and trying to take the time to understand where they just came from or are going to. It’s truly fascinating to study people. It is also something that has given me a great depression and a sort of insulted feeling. As a person, you should feel a great potential within yourself from an early age. You should know that you can be just as awesome as the people you look up to, but we don’t. I mean, we lose it at some point and a lot of us never get back to that feeling.

I currently work in retail and I see so many different shades of emotions. from top to bottom (the only draw to working retail is that). The number one thing I see are people in a rush and people who don’t take the time to look at things carefully. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE IN A RUSH and it takes away from their thinking ability which sometimes, leads them away from better judgement, bringing out unnecessary frustration. I’m always courteous but sometimes I just want to shake people and tell them to SLOW DOWN!

When you meet someone who is truly at peace with themselves, you find those people to be the exact opposite. The smartest people are the ones that take time with things instead of going out full steam. They have consistent smiles and are so polite even when they don’t have to be. I try to be like these people. Life is better this way.

Analyze people as you encounter them. When you are in a confrontation, slow yourself down and see what’s going on, look for body language. We set off so many clues with our body language and natural tendencies that we associate with certain emotions. When you know someone well, you can tell when they are upset or not because of those tendencies they show when they feel that emotion. It’s all about cause and effect with us and we miss that step a lot.

While you’re out and about tomorrow, do some research. Slow down life a bit and see what’s going on with those around you.


Good night my friends
– Paul H. Sampson Jr.

P.S. Sorry for kind of a jumbled thought process and bad writing, I’m dead tonight.

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As of Tonight, I’ve left Social Media

With this poem, I’ve decided to leave every social media outlet except for WordPress. I’m now 100% focused here or something like that. Here’s what I wrote:

Let’s focus on our person to persons,
Toss away our need to go viral
And forget about world star.
Stop being dick heads
Is that really who you are?
We’ve come so far for what,
to revert back into bigger assholes
then we started at?
I’m confused as to your point of view
What are we here to prove?
Desperate for affection.
Scared to death of rejection.
There is such a better way.
Look outside of your screens
And make the correction.
Entitled erection
So much shit
Fuck this god damn election.
No one worth anything ever wins.
It’s all about money,
Everything is about money!
If all you do is talk about
What isn’t going to help us
Then keep your mouth shut!
I’m trying to climb out of that mess
But all that noise does make it hard to get out of this rut
I’m looking for peace
I’m trying to rest
Clear my mind
Calm the beat in my chest
But the darkness chokes me
Leaving my soul an utter mess.
Live more, stress less
LIve more, stress less

I can’t relax 
Until I cut the rope
Do I need money, yes
Am I willing lose myself to it, no

Why can’t I be happy with my life?
Why must we all be miserable for being an individual
For wanting something else.
I’m at my wits end with the normality 
The systemic casualty 

I drink to forget 
I drink to get away
I’m depressed 
and this world wants it that way
Power over everything
Money is  more important than anything

…where’s my focus
I guess the best way to move on
Is to not talk about it
To not give it a flame
So this will be the last time I do
Maybe the end of my poetry push
I’m just going to live
Truly time for a break
To refocus
for my own sake.

With this poem, I leave you.
Time to change gears
I haven’t felt like myself in years

– Paul H. Sampson Jr.

I really need to change gears and rewire my circuit a bit. I’m finding that facebook and all of that stuff just added more headaches than anything. Ya know, more harm than good?

Stay Hungry

I think this is the longest I’ve been MIA from this blog, but I’m back. Trying to do some weekly positive and motivational blogging. I don’t want to do anything corny and cheesy so don’t expect that shit. I think in today’s world, we need honesty. I mean point blank in your face honesty.

So I’ll start with this.  Get out of your comfort zone as much as possible. I’m not just talking about work, but everything. For instance, anyone who says things like “I only listen to rock”is missing out on life. When you only do something a certain way, you don’t allow yourself to see the outside world of that particular thing. I use to be like that and honestly, it’s not easy to break out of. As hard as it may be sometimes, it’s completely necessary if you want to reach a higher level in your life.

So stop being afraid and go out there and explore everything as much as you can. Do not close your mind to the rest of the world because it’s safe or you are scared.


– Sampson

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