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Screaming and Running


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Originally posted on From Thoughts to Poetry: The Journey Back:

I’m screaming.
I’m running from evil.
Exhausted from the fight
Chasing after the light

I have no time for politics.
Can we drop the bullshit?
Call it quits?

I’m just trying to live here.
I’m just trying to be one with the earth.
Embrace the soul given to me at birth

Exhausted from the unnecessary
Never base your life solely on a religion.
I’m closer to god than some of those who say
they have the word and vision.

Another costly incision heard from afar,
someone else who never made it home from the bar.

How many tears have you cried?
So many hearts left to die.
I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t against the wall
just too tired to try.

Running as fast as I can
to the next checkpoint.
What’s left to do?
I’m trying to live my dreams,
but I’m trapped in a hell that…

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Get Busy Being Born

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It’s not the moments that present themselves to us that define us, it’s who we are and who we become in those moments that really counts for something.

Down to its core, this life is a constant journey into uncertainty. We believe that we can see into the future and try to create a path for ourselves, but the more we settle into what is going on right now the more we begin to realize that we are living in a constant fog. To some, this fog may be the most frightening thing of all and they will try to control it as much as possible – only to realize that they have trapped themselves in a mental prison of sorts. But for others, they will adventure into the fog boldly and fearlessly with no intention of trying to be the marionette but instead the ever curious journeyman.

It’s from…

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Food for Thought

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The truth about poetry, about writing in general, is that there are no limits. There is no right or wrong way to write. There are certainly forms to learn. There are a bunch of ways, a few guidelines here and there one can follow when he or she is writing, but we should never let that get in the way of our creativity.

The number one problem I see is that people judge their work before it was written or before the reader has even read it. We sometimes put our work down in preparation for the dislike of others. You can apply that to other things in life as well. It almost feels like a habit we have developed. I never went to college and I really wasn’t a fan of English class during high school. When I write I forget about what may be seen as the “correct…

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Can I Call You Tomorrow


Sometimes I forget your face.
I don’t really forget
But it’s just been so long.
I can’t look at pictures a lot
because I cry at just a quick thought.
I’m thinking back
and I miss you more.
Can’t keep track of how long it’s been.
It all feels like right now
and I’m caught in this circle of reminiscing

I appreciate you more thinking about then.
Regretting we couldn’t help you when
your demons grabbed hold
and not matter what,
their grip would just tighten.

You should be here now
because your grandsons are perfect.
Can’t you come back?
Please, somehow?!

Nothing is okay
I’m just floating down
a river made of my pain and tears.
Please, pull me out?
I’m drowning in mistakes and sorrow.

I got to go…

Hey mom…I miss you.
Can I call you tomorrow?

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